Dennis Woo

Lean (Coding + Marketing + Business + Product)


A Letter to You from Dennis Woo

(please read…it’s free)

Dear Passer-by—

I’m an developer turned entrepreneur turned enterpreneur/developer.

This blog focuses on several items for (our mutual) fun and profit:

  1. Reviewing product, business and software development workflows for efficiency and effectiveness. Naturally, I’m interested in…

    • Agile Software development
    • Lean Startup — particularly where it intersects with software development
    • All the crazy offspring of Lean…
      • LeanUX
      • Lean Marketing
  2. Software tools and techniques to make development faster, like:

    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • AngularJS
    • Firebase – real-time database backend as a service
    • NodeJS

Please stalk me on Twitter or Linkedin. If you’re in San Francisco, let’s have coffee.

Your friend,